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Queen’s Green Canopy

The Environment Agency, on behalf of the Lower Otter Restoration Project, has been granted a virtual plaque after planting 225 trees to form part of the Queen’s Green Canopy which marked the 2022 Platinum Jubilee.

Click here to see the plaque.

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2 January 2024: After a fascinating journey over the past few years, we are pleased to be able to say that the construction phase of the pioneering Lower Otter Restoration Project is now complete.

As a result, this website will no longer be updated, but it is our intention that it should remain available online as a publicly available source of information until the end of 2024.

To comply with data protection legislation, the project mailing list is being deleted as no fresh updates will be issued by this route.

The Lower Otter is now being managed by the Pebblebed Heaths Conservation Trust and you can sign up for their newsletters here.

You can still email the project team and your message will be passed to the most relevant team member for a response.

On behalf of the whole team we would like to thank all those partners and members of the public who have supported us in this challenging and important project which has led to the creation of 55ha of fantastic intertidal habitat, benefiting wildlife and the community.

Residents celebrate opening of the 'Elizabeth Bridge'

24 November 2023:  The brand new 70m "Elizabeth Bridge" has been officially opened by Hon. Charles Fane Trefusis and Mark Rice, Environment Agency Area Director, marking a significant milestone for the project.

Click here to read more.

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Environmental Statement
To see the Lower Otter Restoration Project Environmental Statement, click here.

Planning application -

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The Environmental Statement

Click a link below to view and download a PDF file

Non-technical summary Contents: Chapters 1-4

Non-technical summary

Planning Policy Context

Population and human health

Noise and vibration

Biodiversity Marine Ecology and Fish

Appendix E1

Appendix E2

Appendix E3 to E5

Appendix E6 to E10

Appendix E11 and E12

Geology Soils and Contamination

Water Environment

Appendix G1 - Figure 10.1

Appendix G3 - GRA Appendix B1 Salinity Modelling Summary Report

Appendix G3 - GRA Appendix B2 Phase 1B modelling

Appendix G3 - GRA Appendix B3 Phase 1C modelling

Appendix G3 - Groundwater Risk Assessment

Appendix G2 - WFD Assessment

Appendix G4 - Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)

Appendix G5 - WHS Assessment

Landscape and Visual

Historic Environment

Traffic and transport

Appendix L - Transport Statement

Cumulative effects

Appendix J1 and J2

Appendix I1 to I5

Appendix H - Fig 11.1 Landscape Character Plan 1

Appendix H - Fig 11.3 Landscape Character Plan 3

Appendix H - Fig 11.4 Visual Amenity Plan 1

Appendix H - Fig 11.5 Visual Amenity Plan 2

Appendix H - Fig 11.6 Visual Amenity Plan 3

Appendix H - Fig 11.2 Landscape Character Plan 2

Appendix H - Fig 11.7 Visualisation 1 of 4

Appendix H - Fig 11.8 Visualisation 2 of 4

Appendix H - Fig 11.9 Visualisation 3 of 4

Appendix H - Fig 11.10 Visualisation 4 of 4

Appendix L - Transport Statement Appendix C

Appendix L - Transport Statement Appendix D to G

Appendix F

Appendix D1 to D3

Appendix B1 to B3 - Scoping

Appendix C1 to C3 - Consultation

Appendix A - General Drawings front cover

Appendix A Figure 1.1 Site Location Plan

Appendix A Figure 1.2 Site Boundary

Appendix A Figure 1.3 Landscape General Arrangement (Sheet 1)

Appendix A Figure 1.4 Landscape General Arrangement (Sheet 2)

Appendix A Figure 1.5 Landscape General Arrangement (Sheet 3)

Appendix A Figure 1.6 Landscape General Arrangement (Sheet 4)

Appendix A Figure 1.7 Landscape General Arrangement (Sheet 5)

Appendix A Figure 1.8 Landscape General Arrangement (Sheet 6)

Appendix A Figure 1.9 Landscape Overview Plan

Appendix A Figure 1.11 Public Rights of Way

Appendix A Figure 1.10 Landscape Indicative Planting and Seeding Mixes

Appendix A Figure 1.14 Scheme Orientation plan

Appendix A Figure 1.18 South Area General Arrangement

Appendix A Figure 1.19 South Farm Road General Arrangement

Appendix A Figure 1.21 Landfill Area General Arrangement

Appendix A Figure 1.22 Southern Breach General Arrangement

Appendix A Figure 1.23 Lower Estuary Area General Arrangement

Appendix A Figure 1.24 Little Marsh General Arrangement

Appendix A Figure 1.20 South Farm Road Bridge General Arrangement

Appendix A Figure 1.25 South Farm Road Car Park General Arrangement

Appendix A Figure 1.26 Big Marsh North and Little Marsh Sections

Appendix A Figure 1.27 Little Bank Sections

Appendix A Figure 1.28 Big Marsh South Sections

Appendix A Figure 1.29 Southern Breach and Footbridge Sections

Appendix A Figure 1.30 South Farm Road Highway Sections

Appendix A Figure 1.31 Landfill Area Sections

Appendix A Figure 1.32 Big Bank Sections

Appendix A Figure 11.17 North Area General Arrangement

Appendix A Figures 1.12 and 1.13 Site Layout and Planning Boundary

Appendix A Figures 1.15 and 1.16 Proposed Access Routes and Compounds

Planning statement

Design and Access statement

The deadline to comment on the planning application has passed