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The Stakeholder Group meeting draft minutes from August 2 are now available.
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We’ve put together a handy factsheet on the Lower Otter Restoration Project.
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Public exhibition feedback  

Feedback from July’s public exhibition detailing the options for the future shape of the Lower Otter Estuary has been analysed.
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Feedback from public exhibition

A public exhibition into options for the Lower Otter Restoration Project was held in Budleigh Salterton on July 5, 2017, with the materials published on this website the following day.

Feedback forms were available at the event, or could be downloaded from this website and emailed to the project team.

The exhibition was attended by 144 people, and 105 feedback forms were received, plus an additional two emails providing comments but no form. Overall, 84 people provided comments in addition to answering the questions on the form.

The results of the feedback can be seen below.

1) Had you heard about the Lower Otter Restoration Project before today?

Of the 104 individuals who answered this question, only 2 selected No

2) How well do you understand the aims of the Lower Otter Restoration Project?

3) How supportive are you of the Lower Otter Restoration Project aims?

4) How supportive are you of Option 1 - full-scale restoration

5) How supportive are you of Option 2 - assisted natural recovery

6) How supportive are you of Option 3 - Big and Little Marsh floodplain restoration

7) How supportive are you of Option 4 - Southern Big Marsh floodplain restoration

The following charts interpret the above information to show the options by preference:

Using the data above, the chart below shows the overall positive and negative views of the four options:

The full range of material available at the exhibition can be found here